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Blade 350 QX Parts

Now that we have all had a chance to crash our Blade 350QX it’s time to repair your quad and get back into the air! These 350 QX parts should get you airborne again and help you in repairing a crashed 350 QX.

blade_350_qx_parts_interactiveNot sure what part you need?

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The Blade 350 QX Parts 

350_qx_b_propsBlade 350 QX Replacement “B” Props
Bundle Set of 4

skids Landing Gear Set w/ Hardware: 350 QX

Additional 350 QX Parts:

Blade Main Control Board: 350 QX Parts
Blade Main Control Board: 350 QX
Blade GPS Receiver w/ Altimeter: 350 QX
 Blade Brushless Outrunner Motor, 1100Kv: 350 QX
 Blade Brushless Outrunner Motor,

1100Kv: 350 QX
Blade 350 QX Body Set w/ Hardware
Blade GPS Antenna: 350 QX
 blade_350_qx_camera_mount Camera Mount: 350 QX

E-Flite 2200mAh 3S 11.1V 30C LiPo

 10-Amp Brushless ESC 350 QX 10-Amp Brushless ESC: 350 QX

Battery Cover 350 QX

 41Je2L0g1KL Rear LED w/ Cover, Blue: 350 QX




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  1. Looking at buying a 350 qx from a friend….He doesn’t have a remote and the charger got chewed up by his dog….where can I pick up replacements and a ballpark of price

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