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Hello RC Heli Fans!

First off, let me welcome you to thelogo_1_test
NEW RC Heli Magazine Online Website.

As we embark on this new journey I feel that it is important to say first and foremost that we believe in 100% full disclosure and want nothing but honesty and respect to be attached to our organization.

With that being said, we are NOT in any way affiliated with the previous printed RC Heli Magazine or the old RC Heli Magazine website published by Think Omnimedia, LLC.

Our hope is that anyone associated with the previous magazine, albeit subscribers or even previous staff, join us in creating an online community full of interesting RC Heli content. In the RC Heli community we need all of the support and the backing that we can get.

We are (for the moment at least) calling our site “RC Heli Magazine Online”.  There may be a time when we change names but for the meantime we are sticking with it.

Additionally, we do not plan on having a printed version of the magazine but this will change if the demand is made. However you can sign up to be notified when our site is updated easily by clicking here or if you want to subscribe to our newsletter (that contains content that we sometimes don’t publish on the site) it’s really easy just click here to subscribe.

So now that’s cleared up I hope that we can earn your respect by demonstrating our commitment to the field.

If you are interested in contributing to the site or just want to discuss the future of the industry you can contact me via this link.

Forever On the Horizon,

Erik Sacino